A Still-life

Paddle docks

As each day passes I’m becoming more and more overwhelmed with sadness thinking of the possibility that our #summerofrich 2020 will be completely swept away by the current “Riptide” of Covid-19 but what saddens me even more is the thought that my kids (well 2 kids, one had to retire due to other commitments but would go back in a second lol) may not be able to spend the summer at their “home away from home”. The photo above is of one of my favorite paintings that Rachel made last fall upon her return home from that same “home away from home”.

Happy birthday in your face
Row row row your boat
Olympic gold medalist

It’s such a magical place to be and it’s also where she has spent close to 10 summers at and where her and her big sister got to work side by side and paddle Moose Lake together all last summer.

Now close your eyes and imagine for just a moment the calm and beauty that Rachel captured in her painting as she painted it. Let’s try and fill today with that same calmness and beauty by sharing pics of some of your favorite memories of cool summer breezes, hot sandy beaches or maybe a warm summer rain (added bonus if they are camp photos!).

Albion Falls #summerofrich 2018
Jesse: 1999 to 2011
Shabbat Shalom

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Canadian at heart
My heart

Sticking To Routine

Rich is a definite creature of habit and routine is very important to him (he’s definitely not alone in his thinking in our home as I am sure is the case in many homes around the world). Having his routine disrupted has been an unfortunate reality for him several times over the last few years but now more than ever. Keeping a somewhat “normal” routine may be nearly impossible to do right now for many of us. Are you finding it difficult to stick to your routine? What are you doing to try and keep to a somewhat “normal” routine? Do you find it is helping maintain your mental wellness? Would love for you to share some of your thoughts.

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I Bought Myself A Present

It may very well just be another one of the latest fads or gimmicks or maybe it’s just another aesthetically pleasing decorative piece that sits on your desk at work, your fireplace mantel or on your bedside table collecting dust but either way I figured I have nothing left to lose so I bought myself a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is a hand-carved solid block of Himalayan pink salt crystals which have been hollowed out to allow for a light bulb to be placed inside in order to release heat and light. The lamp’s intended purpose is not that of an ordinary lamp because the chunks of salt are meant to produce negative ions and releases many positive effects on indoor air which may help to enhance your quality of sleep, reduce cold and asthma symptoms, purify and cleanse the air, raise your energy level, and its pinkish glow is said to help reduce anxiety and produce a calming feeling which of course can be very therapeutic and mood enhancing.

I have found myself struggling to write lately as I have been even more distracted than usual and my mind is beyond cluttered so I decided to place my new lamp in the most central part of my home for now where I spend the most time and where I do most of my writing and I also figured this way everyone else could benefit from it as well.

At the end of the day it’s probably not going to cure my mental health issues but after a few days of it sitting on top of my fireplace mantel I was able to find a way to start writing these words (even if only for a moment) and maybe just maybe it will one day (sooner than later) help me to replace the toxic blue light source I so fondly depend on until the wee hours of the night with its beautiful pink light source in order for me to get a good night’s sleep.

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