What Is HS?


A year ago today (it came up on my memory wall) I told you about a chronic recurrent skin condition that I have been battling with for about 3 years now (see blog; Antibiotics: To Take Or Not To Take). Its name is as painful to pronounce as the condition itself and when a flair up occurs it is beyond debilitating. 

Last summer I went to see a specialist who happens to be the only one of her kind in the city who specializes in Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS for short). Months prior to seeing the specialist I had been put on an antibiotic indefinitely which I was not comfortable with but it seemed like the only solution until my appointment with the specialist.

Once I finally met with the specialist she then prescribed me yet another medication that she said would be more tolerable as a long term option. 
We discussed future treatments in case the medication didn’t work, treatments which could include surgery or a very well known drug which treats many autoimmune diseases that would need to be injected into my body weekly for the rest of my life.

As you can well imagine, none of her options sounded too appealing to me. We also had a very candid discussion about many of the underlying causes behind this chronic (and basically) non- curable condition. Included in that list of causes are inflammation in the body and mood disorders, both of which have been the bane of my existence for almost 6 years now. It is also very likely to affect people (this condition in general affects more women than men) who are overweight and who smoke. Well lucky me, I was basically 4 for 4. 

I have another follow up appointment in a couple of months but I have not had a single flair up in 2 months since I began my quest to find all natural remedies for my Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis symptoms. I have lost weight and quit smoking in that same 2 month period and I am living pain free as well; all thanks to a couple of scoops of magic each and every day. And the best part is I don’t need to take medication anymore to keep the flair ups at bay. 

There may be no cure for HS or many of the other daily issues that consume my life but for now I am grateful to have found these products that are helping me focus on finding my way towards living my best life both mentally and physically. 


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Antibiotics: To Take Or Not To Take?

If you thought that depression and anxiety were the only things weighing me down you will be sadly mistaken. A couple (probably more by now but I’ve lost track of time) of years ago I developed a skin disease that I rarely talk about to anyone but it causes me a great deal of pain both mentally and physically. I have seen several doctors and dermatologists regarding it and once it was finally properly diagnosed a treatment plan was able to be put into place.

The treatment plan was always the same each time which included a course of antibiotics. I’ve tried several of them by now and each one has worked better than the next but the problem is that everytime I finish the antibiotics it just comes right back.

In September I began seeing a new doctor with a new set of eyes and a new course of antibiotics along with an action plan to be discussed further upon my return a few months later which was at the beginning of December. By this time I had now been taking a regular dose of antibiotics for 3 months and although it was keeping the flare ups and pain to a minimum it wasn’t enough so she decided to refer me to another specialist. This specialist however is someone who deals directly with this type of inflammatory skin disease and apparently the only one of its kind in Ontario and had recently opened her own clinic in one of the downtown hospitals.

Since I began suffering with depression my immune system has been completely out of whack and has caused me to suffer a great deal of inflammation throughout my body and because this skin disease is considered an inflammatory one there could very well be a correlation between the two and I was open to the idea of meeting with yet another doctor if it meant finding a treatment plan that would hopefully not involve a lifetime of antibiotics. The doctor told me that I should continue taking the medicine until my appointment with the new specialist and how naive was I to think this appointment would take place sooner rather than later.

Well this week was exactly 2 months since I last saw the doctor and now 5 months of taking an antibiotic daily and finally I received a call in regards to seeing the new specialist. Would you like to guess when that appointment was set for, keeping in mind it has already been two months since the referral was made? Okay, I hate guessing games too so I will just tell you; it was set for the last week of June (the day after my birthday for anyone who would like to continue the guessing game!) which by then will mean I would be taking the same dose of antibiotics for almost 10 months.

I won’t lie when I tell you that the phone call sent me on a downward spiral this week and my first reaction was to stop taking the antibiotics because no good can come from taking it for 10 months straight, right?. Well in less than 48 hours of me stopping the medication guess what happened? Yup, you guessed right (see you are good at guessing games) because the symptoms returned with a vengeance and the pain is excruciating to say the least. So now what? Do I live with the constant pain for the next 4.5 months which can be quite crippling or do I risk the development of more toxicity in my body or even the possibility of a future antibiotic resistance? Oh and ya I almost forgot to mention that things aren’t going so well with the whole Neurofeedback training (a topic for another day) and upon speaking with them this week regarding some of my concerns they too had concerns with the effect that a prolonged use of antibiotics could be having on my treatment. FML

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